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About Me

Photography is the creative outlet I've been looking for. Two things led to this hobby taking off with me, first my wife Nikki introduced me to traveling and second I was able to borrow a digital camera from a relative who had upgraded. I started taking snapshots of all these amazing places Nikki was taking me to, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the results.

With a desire to learn I turned to the internet and found a wealth of information, so much so that I didn't know where to begin and what to pursue first. However, each and every one said to keep shooting, so I did. The more I did, the more I learned; if something didn't come out the way I wanted, I tried to figure out why. I've learned a lot over the last few years and I'm always finding new things to learn.

The more I learned the more started thinking of our family travels as a means to find something to photograph. In the last few years I've traveled to Africa, Europe, Asia, and even in the United States. Every where we go it turns out there is more then enough to keep me occupied. The world is full of beauty and wonder and amazing people whose lives I enjoy capturing. I am fortunate enough to have a partner who is a pro at traveling and wonderful companions to travel with.

I've yet to figure out what style of photography I enjoy most or which I am best at. I think my first love is Landscapes with big open vistas and wild spaces. I'm most known among family and friends for the candid shots I take when no one realizes I have my camera. In that vain I enjoy catching people in everyday situations, known as Street Photography, it's something I started doing while traveling and I find most rewarding. I've even started experimenting with HDR and long exposure images, the results of which you can see here. I the end the point of this site is a way for me to organize my images to help me realise my vision and this is where you come in. Feel free to comment, like - if you dislike you have to take the time to comment – and encourage, any feedback will just help me to improve. Thank you for taking the time in advance.

Chester J Green

Photographers who inspire me and that I admire: